Partnership with Parents

Throughout the nursery we encourage a home school link as much and as often as possible. Using various methods we encourage you as parents/ career’s to have an input into your child’s day at nursery. Here are some ways in which we will be sharing information with you.

WOW boards and Curiosity Corners

Within each of our rooms we have on display a WOW board and Curiosity Corner where you have the opportunity to share with us any amazing news or a new interest your child has shown, whether it be your trip to the ducks at the weekend or that you’ve just learnt a new song.  With this sort of information being shared we can incorporate this in some way or form into your child’s day at nursery through maybe a role play experience, discussion or specific activity. Opportunities are endless…

Monthly Newsletters

These are sent out at the beginning of each month with details on important dates, nursery news, events, reminders, and notices.

Home learning letters

Every fortnight each room will send out a letter explaining what they are focusing on over the next two weeks with your child. This maybe a particular song, story or game. We are encouraging the home link so you can share this with your child and be a part of what they are developing on at nursery.

Questionnaires, Parents Comments and Compliments book

Parent’s views are extremely valuable to us and to encourage this we provide many opportunities for you to share your thoughts and feelings.
We send out annual Nursery Questionnaires which asks questions in general about the Nursery such as menu’s, routines and communication. All questionnaires are analyzed and the findings shared with you (in the monthly newsletter) which will include our reflection on any suggestions made.
Within the Nursery you will now find individual comment cards and a Parents Compliments Book placed in the entrance hall. Please feel free to write a comment in the book anytime and place your comment cards in the red post box, these are reviewed weekly and we really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Daily communication books and development folders

The children aged 3months-3years all receive a daily communication book, it has a section for you to write any important information in that you would like to pass on and a nursery section which tells you what they have eaten/drank and how much, sleep times, bottles, nappy changes, and what they have enjoyed during their day at nursery. All the children in the nursery have an individual development folder which includes photos of them at nursery, observations, progress checks, stage of development and this all links to The Early Years Statutory Framework. This travels with the child from room to room and we welcome you to add things to it at any time and take it home to look at and share with family.