Settling In

At the Secret Garden, we want to make leaving your child in our care the best possible experience for both of you.

Once you have enrolled your child and confirmed your place we will arrange for you to make settling in visits. Settling in sessions are arranged with the Manager and the key person to meet the individual needs of each child.

These visits are designed for you and your child to be able to get to know the staff and to ask any questions you may have about the nursery.

Our detailed policies and procedures are available at any time for your perusal. There is a parent’s notice board, which include menus, newsletters and information as well as policies and procedures.

When you bring your child to the nursery for settling in session’s staff will tell you about our dual entry security system. We ask parents to sign in on arrival for each session and take your child to their room. Please tell a member of staff any relevant information about your child. Record any medication or any requirements your child may need with a member of staff who will put it in the message book. Please tell us if anyone other than yourself / or partner is collecting your child and at what time. Please sign in and out of the nursery and ensure that the nursery door and the front door are closed securely after you.

Please do not allow anyone else to enter the building.